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Screen a Porch, Patio or Deck Custom Prefab Screened Panels

GPSI is the only company with a 10 yr warranty

 Exclusivally using the STRONGEST Textile Screens in the World 


Call for Samples (239) 267-0090

Screen a Porch, Patio or Deck Custom Prefab Screened Panels

GPSI is the only company with a 10 yr warranty

 Exclusivally using the STRONGEST Textile Screens in the World 


Why are we the highest rated for customer satisfaction for more than 14 Years

GPSi uses ONLY the strongest screenig and extruded aluminum in the world.

 In fact, our screen is actually state of the art Textiles.

 Super Screen and Twitchell Nano are among our major suppliers.

anything from Innsect screening to Solar Screeninng and protective barrier screening.

 Our Custom Screen Doors made for us by Suntech and high quality  Handels & Locks by Hampton Products.

 Our Retractable DUEL Screen systems are custom made for us by Fenetex


GOLF BALL SCREEN - Custom Barrier Panels-Windows & Decks


Golf Ball Protection for your home

We have been providing Custom Prefabricated screen barriers for windows , porches, patios and decks for more than 12 years

Our Customers have NEVER had a  BROKEN WINDOW or CUSTOMER gotten HIT 

Samples@gpsenclosures.com or CALL TODAY (239-267-0090)

Window Barrier Panels

Our Window systems come with everything you need 

  • Easy to install (avg. 15 min. each) 
  • Hinged so cleanig the window is easy
  • High Wind Rated- Sun, Snow & Ice OK
  • Secures tightly against the house to keep Dirt & Insects out

Patented system

Nationally Provided - Nationally Approved

Our Golf Ball protection systems have been approved by 

dozens of homeowner associations. gated communities and Developers

We Ship direct to project ready to install- all hardware and step by step instructiomns included

Patios & Decks

No more worries about getting hit in the head from a golf ball 

We offer custom prefabricated enclosures that are Golf Ball proof.

Most cann be installed in less than a day.

 They are designed to withstand high Winds, Rain, Snow & Ice.


Send us paicture and Approx. Measurements

From this basic information we can provide cost estimates and answer all your questions. 

We have done every size & shape systems you can there is.

Email to request a measurement instructions & forms


we can provide referaces & picture form our customer.

 They are Happy with No Broken Windows

our customers love the quality and getting more than they expected - Value vs dollars spent - got more than they paid for and years to enjoy day & Night

GPSI - Products Proudly Hand Made in USA


We make custom prefab screen Panels & Enclosures

Our job is providing you and your property  protection and adding usable space day or night all year long

We offer Large Pre-Screened Panels ready to install

  • Biting Insects 
  • Dirt 
  • Flying Objects 
  • Cat & Dog proof
  • Golf Ball Proof
  • Child Safety screened in porch 
  • High Grade Screen Door
  • Enclose Patio screen, decks, porch 
  • **Coming soon * Pool Enclosures** ready to install in your space


Generate excitement with Bringing the Outdoors In with Large Opening Panels

why not enhance your home and add usable space at a fraction of average construction costs.

 Now you can entertain Day or Night without getting eaten up by insects.

We ship direct to your home made to fit prefabricated enclosures systems ready to install. Most take Hours not Weeks to start enjoyinng your new space.

Find out more Call TODAY 239-267-0090

GPSI offers enclosures for spaces from Small to Large

We Give customers what they ask for

We are the worlds largest provider of Prefabricated Prescreened Panels & Custom Prescreened Doors.

  • Our panels come ready to install predrilled and include installation hardware and instructions. Most panels take 20 min. to install and doors only 35 min. You can have your porch enclosed and start enjoying in HOURS not days.
  •  Every Shape fro square to Rectanagle to triangles to fit that gable roof. We even do angled panels to fit Gazebo's  & Pergolas
  • Every Size up to 228" X 96 " (Palletized and shipped direct to job site)
  • Every Design with Picket Railings (Vertical or Horizontal)  or Chair Railings built into the prescreened panels. Install the railing at the same time as the panelsthe rail

Contact Us

Please Email to bob@gpsenclosures.com or Call 239-267-0090

We love our customers, so feel free to tell us what you want, ask any questions, send pictures every idea welcome. We specialize in making sure we exceed your expectations.

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